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Welcome to Wrights Hull, your trusted partner for home and business removals, property clearance, and van man services. We understand that moving or clearing properties can be time-consuming. That’s why we’ve developed a simple and efficient system to streamline your experience. Our innovative quoting system minimises the need for physical property viewings, saving you valuable time. By allowing you to upload images and videos directly to our quoting team, we ensure a smooth and quick process from the initial quote to final booking and invoicing.

Why Our System is Easy and Efficient

Reduced Need for Property Viewings

By sharing photos and videos of your items and spaces, we can evaluate your needs without the necessity for most in-person visits. This spares you the inconvenience of scheduling and waiting for appointments. However, some properties may still need a viewing.

Simple Communication and Follow-Up

If we require additional information, we’ll reach out to you promptly. Once everything is confirmed, we’ll proceed with the booking and invoicing through the same system, ensuring a seamless process for you. You can also request a call or an in-person appointment if required.

Simple Upload Process

Our file compression tool lets you easily upload up to 40 images and videos into a single ZIP file, keeping everything organised and within a 20MB limit.

Direct Processing

All the details you provide, including images and job specifics, are sent directly to our quoting team. This enables us to quickly assess and process your quote.

quick guide

To ensure a smooth and efficient quoting process, follow these simple steps to compress your images and complete the quote form. This helps us gather all the necessary information quickly, saving you time and effort.

Step 1: Gather Details

1. List Items for the Job:
Removals: Note all furniture items, appliances, and boxes/bags being as accurate as possible.
Van Man Services: Note all items for transport so you have them on hand.
Property Clearance: Note and detail all items included in the clearance.

2. Access and Parking:
– Note any access or parking restrictions at each property.

3. Take Photos and Videos:
– Photograph all furniture, appliances, and other items that need transportation or removal.
– Take measurements of larger items if possible.
– Record a walkthrough video of the house or property, including external access and parking areas.

Step 2: Compress Images and Videos

1. Select Your Files:
– Choose up to 40 images and videos.

2. Compress Files:
– Use our file compression tool below to create a ZIP file. It ensures the total size does not exceed 20MB.

3. Save ZIP File:
– Save the compressed ZIP file to your device for later use in the form.

File Compression Tool:

Image Upload and Resize

Step 3: Complete the Quote Form

1. Fill Out the Form:
– Enter all necessary contact details (name, phone number, email address).

2. Job Details:
– Include lists and measurements from Step 1 in the job details section.
– Mention any access and parking restrictions.
– Add all addresses involved (pickup and delivery locations).

**Example of Information to Provide:**
– Addresses: 123 Main St, Hull, HU1 1AA (pickup), 456 Elm St, Hull, HU2 2BB (delivery)
– Furniture and Appliances:
– 2 sofas (2m x 1m)
– 1 fridge freezer (1.8m x 0.6m)
– 1 dining table (1.5m x 0.9m)
– 1 double bed (divan) and mattress
– 1 chest of drawers (small 5 drawer units)
– Boxes and Bags: Approx. 20 boxes, 10 bags
– Parking and Access: No parking restrictions, ground floor access
– Property Type: House
– Rental Property: Yes

3. Attach ZIP File:
– Upload the ZIP file created in Step 2 to the attachments section of the form.

4. Submit the Form:
– Review all details for accuracy and submit the form. Please note that any items not listed or disclosed during the quoting process may incur additional charges on the day if they require extra time or loads. If you need any clarification, please contact us directly.

Quote Form:

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